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Spotify campaign


  • 1 Placement Minimum
  • 1 Track Submission
  • 30 Day Minimum
  • 1k plus Monthly Listeners AVg.
Spotfiy promotion


  • 3 Placement Minimum
  • 1 Track Submission
  • 30 Day Minimum
  • 1k -5k Monthly Listeners Avg.
Spotify Marketing


  • 10 Placement Minimum
  • 1 Track Submission
  • 30 Day Minimum
  • 10k -50k Monthly Listeners Avg.

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Dream Music Pr Firm Definitely gave us the start we needed to shoot off in the right direction.
Elan Suave
Spotify Artist
Been running campaigns with them for over a year now. Great results.
Mzil La
Rap Artsit
From the start they have help me to grow my fanbase and overall exposure. Run Ads with Playlisting.
Rap Artist

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Let us help you soar your music on Apple Music and iTunes. Utilizing multiple marketing strategies with playlists and ads. We can definitely get your music in front of real people. We take care of the hard part so you can focus on making great music.

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We help you gain more exposure on Spotify, YouTube, and other streaming platforms with our close relationships to awesome curators within our network.

Boost up your social media presence online with our creative Spotify promotion and  marketing plans. A lot of our ideas and post can be utilized even after your campaigns are over.

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Why is Spotify Playlist Placements so important?

The potential from going from unknown indie artist to global recognition in no time is why every musician, rapper, singers all desire to be on top Spotify playlists. The right placements can also bring in a substantial amount of income as well if you market your music correctly. So how do you do this? You do this by directing traffic. Drive organic traffic, run paid ads, and playlist pitching all simultaneously to your music on Spotify. This and quality music is what triggers the algorithm. Also, don’t forget to submit your pre-release track to Spotify early.