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Free Music Marketing Insight & Tips

We provide more than just a service. We provide valuable insight to help further your music career.

We Only Market Quality Music

No offense, but we're not here to waste your time or money. So through our submission process we are very selective on what music we can work with.

Music Promotion Service Is All About You!

We work with your vision. Our goal through our marketing firm is to see our clients win.

Playlist Pitching Services

We get your music placed on playlist on multiple platforms from YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer.

Key To Music Marketing Success In 2021

No matter if you want more streams on Spotify, or more views on your music video on YouTube. The Music Artist who can CONSITENTLY stay in front of a real audience WINS!

Music Promotion Instagram Reels

Instagram REELS Tip!

" As you may know, the first 30 minutes after you post is CRITICAL to triggering the Instagram Algorithm. The more ENGAGEMENT your post receives within the first 30 minutes to 1 hour increases your chance of the Algorithm pushing your post to more people meaning more potential fans. So TAG US in your music related Instagram REELS and we will SHARE your post to our Instagram STORY "
Digital Marketer

"Dream Music definitely gave us the start we needed to shoot off in the right direction."

Elan Suave

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If you are a Rapper, RnB singer, Hip Hop music artist this is for you. We will set your music on four media outlets and get your music in front of Real music fans. Here’s your CHANCE to get in front of real potential fans

Spotify For Artists

Spotify For Artists

How Do You Get 1 Million Streams?

You combine everything when it comes to marketing. 

1. Make sure your social pages are set up correctly. 

2. Get your Linktree,  Smarturl, or Toneden setup to spread all of your links with 1 short link. Also set up Facebook pixel tracking for ads and tracking new fans

3. Get on playlists, whether collaborative or independently curated. Aim for YouTube, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify playlists, and get on as many as you can. GET OUR ULTIMATE LIST HERE

5. Run Facebook/Instagram Ads and YouTube ad. If you don’t know-how, pay someone who does (cough.. Dream Music Pr). Push people to stream your music directly to your music on your YouTube channel and Spotify profile. This is really up to you. 

6. Link up with an influencer or influencers on Instagram and TikTok who will post your music when you release it. All you need is one with a real audience that’s engaging with their content.

7. Share share and share again.