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The Vibe King: BILLY

Its common knowledge that every song an artist releases reveals a little bit about the artist themselves. Whether there’s a story in the lyrics or a vibe they want to share with you, somewhere in the art we are presented, is a piece of the creator’s soul. Some souls, such as up and coming artist Billy will leave you anticipating for more and more.

When I first heard Billy’s debut single “Kylie Jenner” I had no idea who he was but his talent couldn’t be hidden behind the upbeat vibe. His writing ability is delivered in unique phrases throughout the entire song. His level of confidence in the studio project onto his words as they sync with every beat.

I was intrigued rather quickly by his first single and excited when he dropped his second single “2 Much” only a few months later. The first thing I noticed was how he switched from the approach he used in “Kylie Jenner” and introduced a Caribbean sound that makes you crave the beach all while telling you a story of love and happiness.

“2 Much” is one of the most creative songs I’ve ever heard and with the variety of skills Billy has showcased in just two singles I can tell there is still so much he has in-store for us. Billy’s originality and diversity are sure to be part of his formula that keeps producing hits like these and will hopefully do so long into the future. Until we hear from him again, make sure to add “Kylie Jenner” “Rain Check” “WYA” & “2 Much” to your playlists and have a listen for yourself.

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