Music Artist It’s Finally Here: Submit Your Song To Official Spotify Editorial Team. Submission forms for Spotify have been floating around the web for awhile now. For the few artists that have found these mysterious Google Forms the links were closely guarded and rarely shared. With major labels and distributors able to pitch priority releases to the editorial team through other means this left many Indie artists left out in the cold.

Now all users/music artist of Spotify for Artists or Spotify Analytics have the opportunity to submit a song to the editorial team.

 Screenshot of the announcement from the Spotify for Artists dashboard.

If you have an upcoming new release (a song that has been uploaded via a distributor but is not out yet), you will see an option at the top of your dashboard allowing you to submit your song. If your upcoming release is an album, you will only be able to submit one song from the album.

 SUBMIT A SONG will appear on the top right corner of your dashboard. This will only show if you have an upcoming release.

SUBMIT A SONG will appear on the top right corner of your dashboard. This will ONLY show if you have an upcoming release.

Once you submit a song, Spotify will ask you to add details relating to genre and sub-genre, you can also share mood, moment, and even the location associated with your release. Keep in mind that this can also be added after the release by using Line-In for Spotify.

Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 4.19.43 PM.png

One very important (and exciting) piece of information that seems to be overlooked is that your song will be added into the Release Radar for ALL of your followers if you submit at least 7 days before release day.
Here’s what’s great about this… if you have 5,000 fans, that equals 5,000 Release Radar playlists that your song will be added to that week! So artist this means you need to really focus on gaining more followers for your upcoming releases

If you’ve submitted for playlist consideration at least seven days in advance, your track will automatically be shared to your followers’ Release Radar playlist on release day.

This means the number of followers you have equals the number of playlists you’re guaranteed to be in on release day.

Songs that are submitted fewer than seven days in advance are not guaranteed placement on Release Radar.