How To Submit Your Music To Spotify Playlists for Free

So you want to know how to submit your music to Spotify playlists curators for Free in 2020? The best approach is to always make a personal connection. Do a little research before reaching out to playlist curators. Make sure your music is a good fit for their style of playlists. Also, let them know how you can support them as well. Most of these curators know the power of sharing links and building connections. So be willing to lend any assistance that you may think can be beneficial to them. This mindset will give the curators a natural desire to be of some assistance to you in the future. That’s when you ask for them to possibly place your music.

With that, there’s are a lot of websites that will allow you to submit your music to Spotify playlists totally free.

Here are few of the best websites to submit your music to playlist:

Spotify Editorial Playlists

The number one place you should be submitting your music to is Spotify. You can do this directly through your Spotify For Artist page. Remember, in order to receive a higher chance of getting your track placed you must submit your song or album at the 7 before the initial release date. Your song must also be of good quality sound.


Soundplate has a large network of Spotify and Youtube playlists. They also have their own curated playlists as well. In addition, they have a new submission system that lets you submit music to a bunch of other playlists.

Biggest playlist: Selected: Soundplate
Submission link:


Indiemono is a great Spotify playlist network. They love connecting with new artists, so if your music has great sound quality and less than 1k streams you’re more likely to be placed. All they require is for you to follow the playlists to release the submission forms

Best playlist: Sad Songs
Submission link:

Howard Zhu

Mr. Howard Zhu is a great independent Spotify playlist curator. He runs a 100k plus followers ‘Pop/R&B/Club’ playlist. It’s updated frequently with great music.

Submission link:


MySphera is another platform with Spotify Youtube and even other influencers who take submissions on mysphera website. It’s an awesome place to find new people to connect with. Their selection of curated Spotify playlist is great with a wide range of genres and vibes.

Biggest playlist: (wide range of playlists across multiple curators)
Submission link:

Daily Playlists

Daily Playlists has a huge network of playlists. You can freely submit your music to their awesome network. They also curate their own Hip Hop, Rock, Electronic, and other genre-specific playlists. It’s very easy to navigate their site and get your music submitted with minimal effort.

Biggest playlist: Hip-Hop Daily
Submission link:

Spotify Playlist Pitching Services

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