Spotify Playlist Pitching

Hip-Hop, Rap, Trap, R&B, Melodic Rap Or Similar Genres ONLY!

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Spotify Promotion Insight

Only Results From Our Spotify Playlist Promotion Services. Dream Music Pitches Your Music To Great Performing Spotify Playlists That Will Get Your Music In Front Of The Right Targeted Audience!  Allow Us To Help You Promote Your Music The Right Way!

Once you place your order, PLEASE REMEMBER TO PLACE YOUR TRACK LINK IN THE ORDER NOTE SECTION!  We will take a listen to your track then get your campaign started upon track approval.  We will  contact you and refund you if we can’t work with your music.

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Spotify Playlist Promotion

Spotify Music Promotion

Having consistent activities like followers, saves, and streams in your releases will put Spotify’s algorithm into action. This is how you get on Discover Weekly, and even better, it will recommend your releases to Spotify users according to similar music that they listen to. Spotify will also promote to your followers every time you release new music.

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What Genres Do We Promote With Our Spotify Marketing?

Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock, Trap, Melodic Rap or other similiar genres.


Spotify Playlist Placement

All campaigns are a minimum of 30 days unless otherwise noted.

Even though we have had great results with passed clients we do not guarantee a specific amount of streams for our campaigns. We can only give out an estimate due to what previous clients have experienced from utilizing our services

Even though we have had many clients get their music on discover weekly and released radar playlists we only pitch to independent playlists curators and fans. So that’s totally in Spotify’s control when it comes to their playlists

When it comes to maximizing your ROI with marketing your music. To get the best return on your investment is based on many variables.

  • Is the track good?
  • Will it capture the listener in seconds
  • Are you benefiting Spotify by driving people to their platform?
  • Submitting your pre released music to Spotify to get a possible placement on their playlists
  • Are you continuously marketing and promoting your music to NEW listeners? 
  • Is your social media set up properly to capture new followers and fans
  • Are you engaging with fans when they like, comment, and share your music?
  • Are you giving people an incentive to want to support you and your music? 
  • Are you running ads with your playlist pitching campaigns
  • Are you running any pre release campaigns getting people to save your track?

It’s theses things that will help give you a better chance of receiving a positive ROI

Please note orders can take up to a week to be completed. Rest assured, we will get your order done as soon as possible. Once completed, you will receive an email confirmation of order completion as well as another separate email with playlist placement links.

No cancellations, refunds, or chargebacks are allowed. We are not liable for anything that may happen to any artists Spotify account due to promotion. By placing an order through our website, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Yes and no.

You can run multiple campaigns at the same time for different tracks but you cannot run multiple campaigns for the same track. If you want more placements, we suggest you start with a larger campaign.

facebook AD Campaign

We run ads with YouTube, Google, Facebook, & Instagram. If possible we also tag the artists in the post that we use for the ad campaigns so that you can see the ad and engage with those who engage with the ad.

It really depends on where the client music is located and where they want to grow their fanbase.

Most musicians, rappers, and singers either promote their Spotify Link, Music Video On YouTube, Or Their Website.

We work closely with the client if they already have a post idea for the ad. If not we can create a video or image post for the ad  at an additional cost. We will use images that the client provides or allows us to put together from their previous social media post.

The amount of reach your ad will receives depends on which campaign you choose.

Our starter ad campaign starts at 50k – 100k targeted impressions or views.  While our larger campaigns has a targeted reach of 500k- 1 million targeted impressions or views.  

Press Release

Our press release pitches unlike others will target music sites and  new sites to gain link authority and great long term s.e.o exposure. We are working with Google News to gain