Are you a great artist that makes great music? Are you ready to show the world what you’ve got to offer? The best way to do this is by getting your music on Spotify Playlists through Spotify Playlist Promotion. Get your music the exposure that it deserves.

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You will need listeners. Without listeners, you will not gain followers. Followers equal more income. Promoting your music, and getting on some of the very best playlists on Spotify, are the best ways to tackle those two endeavors.

What Happens When People Listen To My Music On Spotify?

Spotify is one of the largest music platforms to have ever existed. The potential is insanely huge! To sweeten the pot, many record executives spend their days combing through Spotify looking for “The Next Big Thing.” Who knows that may just be you!

The more listeners you get means the more money you can make. For those that aren’t in it for the money, that’s okay too! Because more listeners = more fans = more exposure to get your message out.

Organic Spotify Promo: Why it matters

There are two ways to promote anything online:

  • Paid Promotion: Paying for advertisements, exposure, views, visits, customers, etc.. This can be anything from advertising on Google or Facebook, to paying social media influencers to market your music, products, or services for you.

  • Organic Promotion: This is a natural promotion. Good SEO practices, providing good content, and being active on social media works for. It takes time and effort, not necessarily money

Because it’s so easy to pay for advertising and to buy exposure, many ranking algorithms are starting to give preference to those who gain exposure organically.

Spotify actively encourages organic promotion!

Paying for things like listens, subscribers, and saves are not an effective way to promote your music. Getting organic listeners, saves, and shares is a great way to organically build your following. One of the best ways to organically promote your Spotify music is to get on some good playlists.

Spotify Promotion Is Wildly Effective

There are a few different types of playlists:

  • Personalized Playlists – These are playlists that the AI algorithm creates based on a single user’s likes and dislikes as they use the app.
  • User-Created Playlists – Music listeners are able to create their own playlists. The only limits to these playlists are by what’s available (so, essentially, there are no limits)

  • Editorial Playlists – Music-industry experts and genre specialists employed by Spotify create these playlists. Getting on these playlists is the holy grail. Artists are able to pitch unreleased songs to editorial playlists.

If you put out good music then over time your music will start showing up on more peoples’ personalized playlists. These playlists are actually pretty popular that get you, listeners.

Getting on editorial playlists is what all artists should strive for. It is arguably the best way to go from an unknown artist to a widely-known and professional artist. You can do this on your own or hire a credible company that provides Spotify Playlist Placement & Promotion.

How To Pitch Your Music To Curators

Pitching your music to curators is no different. You can try to go the Do-It-Yourself route. This is how much artists were getting paid back in 2015 as Spotify was picking up steam. Click HERE

Your other option is to go with Spotify Promotion or Spotify Marketing service.

Dream Music PR Firm is amazing at pitching your music to Spotify playlist curators. These guys have a great marketing team. Not only do they get your music placements on Spotify playlists. They also run ads across multiple platforms to get your music optimal exposure.

Spotify Promo, Spotify Promotion

Take advantage of the BEST Spotify Playlist Pitching service in the music industry, hands down! It’s the best-kept secret of how unknowns become well-knowns.

If you promote and market your music correctly. You will succeed and grow.