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Get Results From Our Playlist Pitching Services. We Pitch Your Music To Great Performing Playlists That Will Get Your Music In Front Of The Right Targeted Audience! Allow Us To Help Promote Your Music The Right Way Today! Once you have placed your order, Remember to place your track link in the order Note section. We will take a listen to your track then contact you to get your promotion started.

We promote the following genres: Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock, Trap, EDM, Reggae, Singer- Songwriter, Indie, R&B, Jazz and any other similiar genres.


Per month

  • 1 Placement Minimun
  • 1 Track Submission
  • 30 Day Minimum
  • 1k -5k Monthly Listeners


Per month

  • 3 placement minimun
  • 1 Track Submission
  • 30 Day Minimum
  • 3k-5k Monthly Listeners


Per month

  • 10 placement minimum
  • 1 Track Submission
  • 30 Day Minimun
  • 20k-50k Monthly Listeners

Case Studies Of Previous Clients


We promote the following genres: Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock, Trap, EDM, Reggae, Singer- Songwriter, Indie, R&B, Jazz and any other similiar genres: 

We can refuse any song anytime for any reason. If you place the order for a song that we refuse, a refund will be issued minus the transaction fee! Please Contact Us If Your’re Not Sure If Your Song Will Meet Our Requirement

Example Playlists Below

Tier 1 Campaign

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  1. If i order diamond do you need only My Spotify adress where is My all tracks..I mean do you do selection ?or do i have to select tracks?

    1. We prefer that you choose the track you would like to push, but if you need help, we can assist you and choose the track that best suits the playlist. I hope this answers your question.

    1. To answer your first question. We don’t normally promote playlist just single songs, but let us know your budget and we can see what we can come up with. Maybe we can work something out. Now for your 2nd question we place your track on 2-3 of our playlists guaranteed and pitch to others, but its not guaranteed.

  2. Regarding your Spotify promotion does a set amount of streams come with either the one time or monthly purchase

    1. No we can’t guarantee a set amount of stream because we don’t control the listeners and how they interact while on the playlist. We only control the way we market and promote our playlists. Which from our previous clients we’re getting good engagement..

  3. Please send me info covering ALL services offered

    1. What exactly are you needing? We help you gain exposure on digital streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify and much more. We also help with radio play. What platform is your music on?

  4. Can I pitch my track before it’s released?

    1. Definitely

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