Tier 3 Streaming Promotion

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Now This Is Next Level Streaming Promotion!

 This is our campaign for artist who are ready to take their music to the next level. We will properly  pitch your track to independent playlist curators that we will select based off of your target audience & genre. We here at Dream Music Pr Firm will pitch your track until we reach our goal of making sure our clients reach the campaign minimum. However, we have got hundreds of previous clients placement via proper networking and relationship building. So let’s get you started with our tier 3 campaign. In the past our tier 3 campaign have help artist receive streams ranging 50k+ depending on the quality of the track and the amount of placements received. 



Thank you for your interest in our Tier 3 Campaign. Please send us your track before placing your order so we can put together the best campaign to get your music in front of the best audience possible.

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