Tier 4 Streaming Promotion


 This is our campaign is for our elite clients who knows the power of  streaming promotion and proper marketing to get their music the exposure and leverage to really take control of their music career. We will properly  pitch your track to independent and Spotify playlist curators that we will select based off of your target audience & genre. Placements are not guaranteed. However, we have got hundreds of previous clients placement via proper networking and relationship building. So let’s get your feet wet with our tier 1 campaign. In the past our tier 4 campaign have help artist receive streams ranging  100k+ depending on the quality of the track and the amount of placements received. Also clients who’ve purchased this campaign have been on Discover Weekly and actual Spotify Curated Playlists!

Our team will also put together a proper Facebook Ad for your track to give it a added boost and gain followers.  You will also get 1 Music Video promoted on a YouTube Playlist For 2 Months! GET STARTED TODAY!

You will also get 1 Music Video Added To A YouTube Playlist For LIFE!!!! GET STARTED TODAY!


Thank you for your interest in our Tier 4 Campaign. Do you have a hit song that you want to see rise in plays & Exposure? Well this is the campaign for you!


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