Best Spotify Playlist Pitching Guide 2021 2,000 Curators Contact Information



Thank You So Much!
Are you wanting to know how to get your music on more Spotify Playlists?
Maybe you want to reach out to Youtube curators but just don’t know where to start? Are you’re in need of a Spotify Playlist Pitching company? Maybe you don’t know how to strategically plan your release. Well, Great news. We have gone out and gathered over 8,000 curators’ contact information and resources/ This will help you succeed and truly grow your music career. Theses are all music-related curators who welcome submissions. You will get so much value from this Spotify Strategy Guide. The main key is to actually APPLY the information you gain from it.
Side Note.
You can use this list to make a look-a-like audience and custom audiences when running Ads.


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