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Are you looking to get your music in front of a real audience? Would it change your career if you could just get your music in front of real Rap Fans, Hip-Hop Fans, and R&B fans? Well, you have come across a real Instagram Marketing Strategy that we provide just for you.

Listed below are the details of our Instagram Repost Campaign For Rap, Hip-Hop, and R&B music


  • Get your music featured on real Instagram Pages with over 4Million Real Active Followers in our Network
  • All organic engagement (NO BOTS)
  • Campaign length is per day or 30 days in length
  • Your video can only be 1-minute MAX
  • Links will be posted. So please provide a link (Spotify links, YouTube Links, Pre-Save Links ETC…)
  • Rap, Hip-Hop, And R&B ONLY
  • Post and music must be provided by the customer ( Short REEL Post Preferred. They Get The Best Engagement)

Additional information

Instagram Music Marketing

Story Post 25k+, 50k+ Reach, 100k+ Reach, 200k+ Reach


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