Music Promotion – Instagram Stories and Reels


Music Promotion – Instagram Stories and Reels



Are you looking to get your music promotion on Instagram? Would it change your career if you could just get your music in front of real Rap Fans, Hip-Hop Fans, and R&B fans? Well, you have come across a real Instagram music promotion strategy that we provide just for you.

The key to growing on Instagram.

The faster you receive engagement to your post the more your post is pushed out to more people on Instagram. Shares, Saves, Comments Likes, & Views

Why Team Up With Us?

We can consistently get your IG post in front of thousands of Real music fans fast and for a reasonable price. 

Listed below are the details of our Instagram Repost Campaign For Rap, Hip-Hop, and R&B music


  • Get your music featured on real Instagram Pages
  • All organic engagement real Instagram followers (NO BOTS)
  • Campaign length is per day for stories 2 weeks – to – permanent on reels
  • Your video can only be 1-minute MAX
  • Links will be posted. So please provide a link (Spotify links, YouTube Links, Pre-Save Links ETC…)
  • Rap, Hip-Hop, And R&B ONLY
  • Post and music must be provided by the customer ( Short REEL Post Preferred. They Get The Best Engagement)

Additional information

Instagram Music Promotion

Story Post 120k Reach, Reel Post 2 weeks, Reel Post 1 Month, Reel Post Permanent

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