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Are you ready to effectively grow your music career? No problem! Here’s are some proven techniques and strategies to help you grow like a pro. No BS or Fluff. Just proving strategies that’ll help you learn FaceBook Ads, Instagram Techniques, YouTube Strategies, Quick Audience Building, Spotify Hacks, and more… 


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“What Really Changed My Life Was The Ability To Understand Exactly How Everything Worked With Marketing”

“The KEY is in building an AUDIENCE! That’s what brings consistent listeners and sales”

Why High Engaged Posts Are Very Beneficial!

Theses are some simple post techniques that can help you re-target people.

1. Share trending topics or products, memes or celebrity news, Even if people don’t like or comment, let’s say they just click the link. That’s still engagement. You can re-target them with ads.

2. Tell people to DROP YOUR LINKS in large Facebook Groups. Let them know that you want to support them by listening to their music or watching their videos.  Crazy as it may sound we have received high engagement on these simple post.

3. Go LIVE in large Facebook Groups. This content can gain a bunch of views fast. You can re-target everyone who viewed the LIVE.

Build your email list and audience fast!!

With just 2 FREE tools. A google chrome email extension and a search code( site:website “keyword” “email” “location”) you can find a very large targeted audience. Don’t be FOOLED. All The Guru’s do this with new launches, Facebook campaigns, and even business start-ups. Some use more advanced tools, or buy leads for example.. (Emails, Data) but trust me it’s the same techniques. This is what all major companies do as well ie (buy big email list full of targeted leads). This is your FREE way to gather data and target a specific niche or audience fast and without wasting a lot of time trying to build your list. This is how you put your music, service or products in front of people who are already interested in what you have to offer.

REMEMBER: The code – site:facebook.com “hip hop” “@gmail.com” “Washington”

This code can be changed for example, you can look up “Hip Hop” with “@yahoo.com” instead of “@gmail.com” or change the location to “Texas” instead of “Washington” and so forth.


1. USE A VPN – Find A VPN Here.

2. Don’t Be Greedy. Take It Slow.

3. Verify & Validate The Data That You Collect To Insure Everything Works

How To Reach Any Email List w/Facebook Ads

This techniques is used by most of the so called gurus. Some charge hundreds if not thousands of dollars to show you or teach the same things in this video. See what most people don’t want to tell you is Facebook’s Algorithm isn’t really on your side. So what makes this strategy work in your favor is you’re basically telling Facebook “All I Need You To Do Is Place This Ad In Front Of The People On This List” No guessing ages or interest or letting the Algorithm decide who to put your music, service, or product in front of. It’s simple, but still you must be creative with your ads or post. (What the people see and hear are important) Always use a more (Introduction Approach) on your first ad. Introduce yourself. Let people connect with you. Let your music play in the background. Sometimes simple is always better.

Run Instagram ADS 2020

Welcome To The Introduction To Dominate Instagram Ads

Here you will receive an overview of everything we will be going over in this training. Remember the object isn’t to just watch video after video but to watch a few videos than implement the strategy. This way you can start seeing the course work for you while you are actually learning.

Why Instagram Ads?

Learn how people interact on Instagram and why running effective ads will help you scale your music career.

What Are Instagram Ads?

Learn how Instagram ads work and exactly how they will benefit you.

Set Goals For Your Instagram Ads?

Setting goals will give you a purpose and a target to reach. Accomplishing your goals will motivate you to accomplish more and more.

Identify Your Targeted Audience

Knowing who your targeted audience are is vital to running effective ads.  To find your targeted audience you can actually implement the How To Lazer Targeting strategy mentioned above.

Content And Budget

Provide great content. Share relatable Viral TikTok videos to help get great engagement.  Learn how to maximize your budget when running ads.

Creating Instagram Campaigns

Learn how to maximize your campaigns when running ads. Learn the Do’s and Don’t of running an effective campaign.

Measure The Performance Of Your Instagram Account

Knowing what is working and what isn’t working by analyzing your data, will help you track growth. You want to know how to measure your ads, post, and even your engagement.

Great Tools For Instagram Ads

For images and video creation – CANVA has really stepped up their game when it comes to easy beautiful post creation for all social media platforms.  

7 Best Practices For Instagram Ads

  1. Add Personality & Emotion
  2. Keep Your Ads Relateable, Don’t Be Sellsy
  3. HashTags – Learn Them
  4. Contest And Giveaways
  5. Post At The Right Times
  6. Test Your audience to gain data
  7.  Split Testing – Video vs Pic Ad & more 


Overview over all the content. Build Trust, Connect, And Grow

1 Million Youtube Subscribers 2020

Intro - 1 Milestone At A Time

Here are a few Unorthodox methods that work to build your Subscribers. Here we go over steps to achieving 100  YouTube Subscribers then 1000 YouTube Subscribers, and on to 1,000,000 Subscribers.

How To Get Your First 100 Subscribers

How To Get Your First 100 Subscribers

How To Get Your First 100,000 Subscribers

How To Get Your First 1,000,000 Subscribers

Bonus Method

If you watch other Big Youtubers who have a large amount of subscribers closely. You’ll see them utilizing these same methods.

YouTube Business Made Easy 2020

YouTube Intro Video

YouTube is still to this day one of the best platforms for musicians to grow a massive audience. 

The More Profitable Types Of YouTube Videos

This is why most musicians take up an alternative method to build an audience than just providing music content.

How To Send Your Video To The First Page Of YouTube Search (Part 1)

How To Send Your Video To The First Page Of YouTube Search (Part 2)

Marketing Tips To Increase Sales

Outlining Your Perfect Sales Funnel

Creating A Product Consideration Ad (Part 1)

Promoting Your Sales Video With A YouTube Ad (Part 2)

Promoting Your Sales Video With A YouTube Ad (Part 1)

Creating A Product Consideration Ad (Part 2)

Creating A Custom Re-Targeting Campaign

If you watch other Big Youtubers who have a large amount of subscribers closely. You’ll see them utilizing these same methods.

Alternative Monetization

Enabling Monetization On YouTube

YouTube Business Premium Tools And Services To Consider

YouTube Do's & Don'ts

YouTube FAQ

YouTube Success Stories