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You Want To Make It In The Music Industry?

Most music artist want the end reward. The money. The fame. Now, those are great goals to have, but the real question is, are you ready to do what it takes to make it in the music industry?

Does this mean you have to sell your soul?

No, but it does means that it’s going to take hard work and dedication to make it in the music industry. No matter if you’re looking to get signed or stay independent, you hold the KEY to your success.

Know Your Vision. Be Able To Explain It So Anyone Can Understand It

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Know The Business Side Of The Music Industry.

The worst thing a music artist can do is come into the music industry and not know the business side of things. So here are a few tips that will help you along your music career.

  1. Copyright and Register your music. This protects you and gets you paid.
  2. Know your true intentions. Know which route you want to take. For example are you really wanting to get signed to a label, or stay independent. Be Real with yourself. Make the decision for You, and no one else.
  3. Know the power of your music. Trust me. The record labels do. It holds Generational Wealth. Songs can live longer than you. Imagine your kids, kids living off your music. This could happen from a single song or placement. Especially if you own all your rights to your music.
  4. Learn how to market your music. With the rise of social media the time is Now. Social media makes it easier for artist to get their music in front of a large audience. Fast.
  5. Leverage the POINT SYSTEM. Once you learn how to produce a quality song and market it, you have Power. You can negotiate royalty splits to work with bigger producers, labels, A&R’s, Record Labels and even other music artist. This can open doors for you, and expand your reach. Being about your business truly pays. SO NETWORK.
  6. Master social media. Even if it’s on one platform. YouTube shorts are going crazy. Don’t let me forget the Tik Tok craze. The easiest platform from my experience is Instagram. Reels are producing thousands of new eyes and ears to your content. I’ve seen new accounts produce 9k views on their first Instagram Reel. This was with simple content.
  7. Lastly. Get over any FEARS that are stopping you from sharing your gift with the world. No one can stop you, but YOU! Even through failures, we learn from it and keep going. The one who stays consistent Wins.
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How To Avoid Scams.

This is an ongoing topic in the music industry. Especially surrounding music promotion and marketing your music on Spotify. Allow me to clarify how you can avoid any scam.

Do everything that was mentioned above. Learn the music business and know your intentions on every move that you make.

Don’t let know one discourage you from your plans and goals. If someone is trying to present you with a service that makes you feel skeptic. DON”T DO IT!

Now, If you come across a service or offer that may seem beneficial to your career. This is what you do. Ask the provider of the service to speak or video chat with you to go over details of their services. If they can’t do this it’s a Red Flag. If they can’t provide results of previous work or credentials. This to is a Red Flag.

Focus on your vision, your music, and your dream. You Are What You Focus On! If you instill your mind with being scammed everything will start to seem like a scam. This can discourage you from pursuing your dream.

How to avoid Botted Playlist?

Playlist with bots can be actually hard to avoid do to one fact. The lack of Transparency! Spotify doesn’t show us enough to tell which playlist are producing all Real streams. But, here are a few Red Flags to look for. Low follower count but produce high streams. Has a large following but produces no streams. The curator of the playlist has no social media following outside of Spotify, but has thousands of followers on their playlist. The playlist has no title or real description, but produces massive streams. The playlist stream numbers are consistent day after day. No fluctuation. You only get streams from foreign countries but you live in the United States.

Build A Team Around Your Vision

How To Grow On Instagram 2021


When it comes to marketing your music. You need PEOPLE or should I say Followers. The Goal should be to build your own audience around You and Your Music.

There are so many routes you can take to build up your followers or get your music in front of other people followers. Here are some step by step tips to growing a organic FREE audience on Instagram.