How To Get More Spotify Plays.

Build Your Music Marketing Structure On Spotify

The best way to get more Spotify plays or Spotify streams is by first producing a good song. But even with a great song, you have to create a marketing strategy to get more streams and followers. Next focus on your profile. Spotify rewards music artists who take advantage of all the features that they provide. For example, add 2-3 High Quality Images to your profile. Create a detailed Bio. Consistently update your Artist Pick feature. Curate Playlist of your music and of other artists music who sound similar to you. Submit Every release to Spotify Editorial team.

Focus On Getting More Followers

get more Spotify followers

Thankfully here in 2022 Spotify themselves actually give music artists the basic structure to really thrive on their platform. The first step that Spotify states to help grow is to gain more followers. They want music artists to get followers to their artist profile & playlists. This is very beneficial to getting more streams, because Spotify will market your new releases to your followers.

Submit To Spotify Editorial Playlist Every New Release

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Most music artists get discouraged when their song doesn’t make it on the editorial playlists. But, I’m here to tell you it’s worth it to do this every time you release a song. Spotify will still place your new release on everyone of your followers release radar playlist. Also, they email your followers letting them know you have a new song or album out. This is FREE EMAIL MARKETING DIRECT FROM SPOTIFY. Use it to your advantage.

How To Actually Get More Followers On Spotify?

Their are many ways to get people to follow your artist profile and playlist on Spotify. Here’s a tip that may help you get more followers on Spotify without paying anything. Make playlists that are dedicated to other bands or music artists who sound similar to you. Make sure they have a large following but not too large that they may not see your post that you’re going to tag them in. You can also do this with the fan page of the artists as well. After you make the Spotify playlist with at least 10 – 20 songs tag the music artist or band on Instagram showing them the playlist you created for them. Be creative. Since most music artists know that Spotify playlist are a great way to get exposure on the platform. The band or music artist will be more inclined to repost or share your post to their followers, therefore bringing real followers to your playlist & profile.

Tip #2. Use a Google number or email that’s exclusively for Spotify. Place it as your contact information on your playlists and also at the beginning of your bio. This will help you get followers straight from Spotify. This is an easy way to build a list that you can promote your music too and build your own community.

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As we all know there are many creative ways that you can implement to get more streams and followers on Spotify. What a lot of music artists lack is a basic marketing structure to grow organically. This basic structure will actually help you if you apply any other method to get streams like for example running Facebook Ads. So don’t miss out on what could be a great method for you to grow on Spotify. Setup your profile and do this consistently and give your music the opportunity to be heard by the masses.