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Elohin R 2.0 Let’s Continue

   At its roots rap has always been about expressing the artists voice no matter what the topic or style. Personal experience and political commentary have been at the foundation for most of hip-hop since its conception but throughout the years rap has been altered into newer styles and in a lot of ways into completely different taste levels. That’s why it was so refreshing to hear Elohin’s newest album “R 2.0 Let’s Continue” showcase his ability to bring rap back to its roots.

   Using a clean-cut approach for his lyrics Elohin is able to paint a very relatable picture of his life and how he sees the world around him without leaving room for any misinterpretation. His lack of fear when confronting controversial topics head on is one of the things I found I admired most as I listened to the album. He leaves no room for debate as he tackles some of the biggest problems our country faces in tracks like Miss America and the eye-opening finale titled Opinions. Putting his passion and personal opinion aside his approach to his political tracks are unique in the way he doesn’t use his platform to attack or diminish the listeners’ possible disagreement but instead gives them an opportunity to hear a side of the conversation they may not have heard before.

   Elohin’s brand of hip-hop is also able to capture a side of love songs I’ve rarely seen. Taking the time to pinpoint the ups and downs of relationships listeners can see the benefits of working through the struggles instead of the perfect idea most musicians try to sell. Elohin’s first single off of the album “Lost in You” ft. Ashley Garza is a perfect anthem to the type of love this world needs more of. Catchy enough to dance to while simultaneously deep enough to alter the listener’s perception. “Lost in You” stands out on this album as the perfect song for anyone who’s ever been in love.

   From track to track Elohin showed off his unique perspective and artistic voice while consistently bringing in features like Reggie Williams, Jenee Monica, and Calik to only name a few. Each new voice stood out in a way that showcased their own personal talents without ever taking away from the vibe or character of either artist. That talent alone is something many established names in the music industry still haven’t mastered. Elohin’s respectful approach to not only his relationship with women but also his collaborations with other artists speaks volumes about his character. A large portion of that could be traced to his spiritual relationship, another topic he highlights strongly throughout the entire album.

   So often a religious affiliation can become one of the most divisive characteristics about someone, especially an artist who is so adamant and open in a public setting. In a world where people find more and more reasons to shun others for their opinions it is refreshing to see someone so talented not only embrace but promote a healthy relationship with God.

   Elohin’s album may not be loved by everyone but it is hands down one of my favorite albums I have heard in what feels like a very long time. His style of unbridled bravery is something that more people should embrace. This man has a lot that needs to be said and it is my opinion we as a society have a lot we can learn, not only from his words but also in the example he is setting. “R 2.0 Let’s Continue” is a testament to the type of music the world needs more of and I am looking forward to seeing what’s next for Elohin.


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