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Rode Nt1

The Best Studio Condenser Microphone And Audio Interface Combo For Home Studio Recording 2018

When it comes to mixing and mastering the most dreadful part of the process is cleaning up that annoying noise in the mix. What I have found over my many years of mixing and mastering is that having a quality initial sound vocal recording will take your mix to a whole new level. The Rode NT1 and Al-1 audio interface will help you reach the desired precise sound vocals you are looking for to give your mix that professional studio quality sound.

Let’s start off with the Rode NT1 Microphone:  

  • The best quality in my opinion of this condenser microphone is the Super Ultra-low noise. The self noise is rated at 4.5dB (A) which means that even at high output, this mic is so quiet you want even hear a whisper of self noise coming from the mic. The only noise (If any) you will hear is the ambient room noise. This mic is so quiet that it will allow you to expose the imperfections of the room you’re recording in. It will also allow you to detect if theirs any noise coming from any of your other studio equipment. So that annoying hum that you’re always trying to remove from your recording you can alleviate that problem with this mic adding to your studio.
  • Next is the output of this microphone gives you a near flat frequency response. This gives you a more natural smooth full sound without much coloration. The frequency curve along with the super low noise helps with alleviating that harshness from your vocals most newbies have when mixing. It will also help with those clashing frequencies that give your vocals that annoying sibilant sound, now having good vocal recording techniques will also help with sibilant sounds, but a mic that can capture your words as well as this microphone does is a much needed boost when getting a great sound recording.
  • Lastly the added features that comes with this condenser microphone make it stand out even more from the rest of the mics in it’s price range. You get a internal Rycote Lyre based capsule SMR shock mount and a SMR removable all-metal pop filter as well, which helps reduce that low rumble from bumping the mic and help reduce the popping P’s and smooths out those harsh S’s. To wrap it up this Mic with give you a pristine professional vocal recording that will take well to all that you can throw at it. It enhances the mix very well by allowing you to really hear the Eq processing, Compression, reverb and any other vocal processing that you may need to get great sounding clean vocals. Also what I like is this mic allows you to spend less time cleaning up the vocal and more time being creative with your mix. So get the The Rode NT1 Condenser Microphone. You will not be disappointed by purchasing this mic. It will truly be a added upgrade to your home recording and even professional recording studio gear.

Let’s Now Take A Look At The NEW Al-1 Audio Interface

  •  This interface even with a small foot print gives you a 24 bit depth and can process sample rates ranging from 44.1 khz –  96 khz with precision. This allows the Rode Al-1 to  process vocals with great detail, picking up every syllable of your words. It also allow for great layering of tracks without delay. Even when mixing it can withstand multiple plugins and side-chaining allowing you to clearly hear the effects take place without delay or crackling noise.
  • The Rode Al-1 has very low latency, allowing you to get real-time playback without minimum to no delay.
  • The Class A preamps give off a great sound right from the initial recording allowing for a warm smooth vocal recording.
  • Lastly what makes this small audio interface stand out is it’s discrete headphone preamplifier which can power even the higher ohm headphones or studio monitors
  • The only negative feature is that the Rode Al-1 is only a single channel audio interface.


Now even with all these great features these quality Rode products have you still need to have experience with properly mixing & mastering vocals, but for those of you who know how to mix and master the Rode NT1 and Rode Al-1 will giving you a much added edge with producing a quality sound recording from the initial stages.

To give you an example of the Rode NT1 and the Rode Al-1 in action check out the videos below:


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