Best Spotify Promotion Companies

Organic engagement is key


You need to get your music real exposure in order to gain traction.

Much like any other business, you must get your music in front of a real audience. The best way to to do this is to go through Spotify promotion companies that utilize organic marketing. This is the best route for most artists.

Why go through a Spotify Promotion company?

First they are great at getting your music exposure. This means more plays to your song. The more plays you get, equals more royalties. If your music can capture an audience, Spotify promotion companies can help build your fan base.

Just remember to only use companies that use organic music promotion tactics instead of bots. Spotify is great at spotting fraudulent activities.



The KEY! Organic

When you look into a Spotify Promotion Company make sure the promotion is organic. Never use bots or services that use bots. You may get instant fake plays, but it’s the real organic promotion that will give you the best results.

Here are a few of the best Spotify promotion companies in the industry in 2020.

The one thing that makes Dream Music Pr Firm such a sought after company is that all of their Spotify marketing services include running ads. Even when they pitch your track to curators they still run ads directly to the artists Spotify profile. They have ran campaigns for thousands of artists, and record labels around the world. So you definitely want to reach out to us, and see why artists, record labels, and even other Spotify promotion companies run campaigns with Dream Music Pr Firm.

You can find their Spotify pitching services HERE

Organic Music Promotion has already made a big name for themselves  in the music industry They have became a major outlet in the Atlanta. Ga  music scene. Working with many major hip hop artists from Future to Lil Baby, their reputation speaks for itself. So when they say they can get you real exposure, they’re not playing. The best part they guarantee organic music promotion.

You can find their site HERE

ParkBench13 has a great organic approach to getting your music heard. They’re one of the few companies that use organic promotion.  No bots. Just real results.

They support this method with solid analytics, and great customer service. Their ability to understand your audience is just one of their strengths as a marketing company.  They’re very professional with a clear vision to give musicians a real opportunity to be heard.

You can find their site HERE