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Become Instagram Famous Like Celebrities

Stop Struggling With Instagram Gain Real Targeted Followers Like A PRO!

Using GramMultitool, will help you grow your accounts engagement, with REAL targeted followers, like the celebrities do! Your whole Instagram online presence can be automated with a few simple clicks. Track your account and get live data to see how your account are performing daily



Who is it for?

This is for music artists, record labels, producers and honestly anyone who wants to take their Instagram from 0-1000k followers to 10k-100k plus followers in a short time.



  • Saves You Time
  • Cheaper Than Buying Facebook Ads
  • Only $10 a month after Free Trial
  • Very Easy To Setup
  • Get You More Exposure
  • Will Help You Make $$$

How To Set It Up & Win

  • Once you download the software right-click on the interface and login to your instagram under New Account
  • Once logged in right click and select overview
  • Go to settings, From there click templates
  • Browse templates, Then download code. To start with a safe module that will keep you within Instagram limits put code 3474d
  • Now here is the secret! How to gain targeted followers!!!
  • User Scraping!!! Here you will follow and like your competitors followers!! By typing in their Instagram Username or hashtag. For Example. "If your music sounds like Chris Brown, you don't want to follow Chris Brown you want to follow his fans putting your music in front of his fans.

Don't Get Left Behind

Get the software that professional social media experts are using to help grow  your presence on Instagram.. Try it for yourself and see if it’s for you. If not cancel and pay nothing, if done correctly it will definitely help build a real audience for your music career or business!

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